Some things are just more important than money.

We’re a consummate, professional bunch here at Pixelbox. We give 100% of our effort and truly get behind every project we work on. Our principles are precious to us and guide us in everything we do.

We believe business is about solving problems, not amassing wealth.

We are lucky that we are able to do something we are passionate about and enjoy whilst making a modest income.

We believe in always being open and trustworthy.

We always do business with clear and fair contracts and a transparent billing policy with upfront set pricing and no hidden extras or loss-leaders.

We believe honesty is the best policy every time.

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We work to the best interest of our clients and will never sell a product or service that doesn’t meet your needs or budget.  If we ever get it wrong, We’ll admit it and put it right.

We believe that high quality customer care and support is a right, not an optional extra.

Customer care and support should always be fantastic and easy to access. We will never outsource our customer care.

We believe our people are our company.

We firmly believe that each one of our people at Pixelbox are “autonomously excellent”. We are consummate professionals, passionate about our work.

We believe in our responsibility to protect our planet.

We are serious about the impact our business has on the planet. We utilise “green” options and 100% eco technology wherever possible, and we are continually mindful of finding new ways to reduce our impact.

At Pixelbox, we are very keen on giving back to the community we are part of. We are particularly keen on supporting charities and organisations involved in animal welfare (particularly dogs, wolves and Polar Bears), Child welfare and the right to education, tackling and redressing inequality and battling hate and division. We set aside a number of hours every month to undertake “pro-bono” work, and we’re always happy to speak to organisers and activists about ways we can help.