Digital Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy is essentially the plan or blueprint for every activity you will undertake to get your products and/or services in front of the right type of people, at the right time. Using the right messages to attract them in to your sales funnel and guide them down that funnel on their way to becoming your loyal customer and buying your goods or services.

Market research

We will carry out extensive research of your marketplace, competition, target audience and relevant legislation etc.

Competitor analysis

Identify your competitors and build a picture of who they are and their strategies to target your market.

Setting goals

Define what we want to achieve from our marketing efforts and set realistic, measurable goals.

Set budgets

Define your intended overall marketing spend and assign appropriate budgets to activities for maximum ROI.

Strategic planning

Identify the best mediums to reach your target market, how and when to reach them and the message/s we want to convey.

Measure and analyse

Meticulously measure and track everything we do and the effect it has on our goals and produce monthly marketing reports.

Bringing the marketing mix together

We will work with you to bring all your marketing efforts together into an organised and strategic plan to improve the effectiveness of your website, SEO and other marketing activities. We can also set up and run paid advertising campaigns like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Get in touch to get things started.